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Dear parents/ Guardians,

  • Term 3 commences on Monday 10th September 2018
  • Boarders report on Sunday 9th September 2018 before 6:00 PM.
  • Beginning of term exams start on Tuesday 11th Septeember 2018

We wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to you our parents/Guardians  for taking very good care of our children. 

Please enable them report on time to write B.O.T exams as they will affect their promotional grades.

We wish you the best in all your endeavours.


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From 29th March 2018, parents who wish to have their sons/daughters for Easter break are free to come for them but should observe the following;

Only registered parent can be given the child or

Any one who has been sent by the parent by show of the Baptist H.S parent's identification card, or

A person registered with us as next of kin to the child

They can only be picked before 6pm up to Saturday and to be returned on Monday 2nd April before 6pm.

Wishing you a Happy Easter Season.