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My name is ZZIWA EDWARD with an IT profession (Designer & Sale's man of software systems). Its seven years since I left Baptist High School. Even after that long stay away from Baptist High School I have always had it at heart since it is said East or West Home is the best. The efforts of the specialized staff put on us; today makes me what I am. Due to that effort, I managed to be among the best five students in our finals in 2004 of the secondary leaving exams.
When I recall all the good and worse moments I had in Baptist High School I never regret joining it. The foundation I achieved from Baptist makes me responsible and respected in the society. Long leave Baptist High School. May the good lord bless more and more.


The school I wanted
During my holidays, on Saturday I used to watch an interesting and educative program on NTV which was called the Brain Buster. Secondary school used to participate in it.

  One time as I was watching it, I saw students who were smartly dressed in their school uniforms. They were from Baptist High school, Kitebi. Fortunately at the end of the competition, they were the best. I was so proud because of their wisdom. When my parents were back, I told them I would join  Baptist High school for my secondary education. When PLE results were leased, I had passed well so my parents decided to take to the school of my dreams. It has very disciplined and very determined students. I don't regret joining Baptist High school.
                                                                                                                   Maggie liz.


My name is kabali Duncan Emma. I am in senior one. I like Baptist High school and that is why I gave it my 1st choice. I like posho and beans they serve us. I like History and mathematics plus fine Art. My best teacher is Mr. Muliro who teaches me Art and craft. Our school has a nice environment it has got all the necessary resources for excellence. Students study very hard and that is why almost all of us who go through it become self reliant. Thanks you Baptist High school for making us useful to this mother land. Discipline and determination is what I focus on.
                                                                                                           Kabali Duncan Emma S.1 w

The name of my new school is Baptist High school. It has both ordinary and advanced level. The mission of the school is to provide an all round education which emphasis moral and intellectual development of learners. The schools motto is "Discipline and Determination" 
The school may not have all the sports but it has very interesting ones. There is netball, football, volleyball, basketball and others which students want to play. The school has a good number of clubs i.e. Music, Dance and Drama, Science club, interact, Stay safe, Nkobazambogo, Scripture Union, Wild Life, Peer Education, Scouts and Girl Guides, Entrepreneurship Club, Legion of Mary, Red Cross, Kite Club, plus any other, which may be introduced as time goes on. The school is very beautiful. The school uniform for the ordinary level is blue, white shirt, blue tie and black belt. For the Advanced level they have a different one. The school has co-curricular activities and they organize them according to houses which include Tigre, giraffe, Lion, Rhino and Elephant. The house which wins the completion is given a bull to be roasted and be eaten by students who belong to that house. There is also music dance and drama where every student is supposed to be in his or her own house for rehearsals. The teaching staff consists of the best teachers in Uganda also ensure a lot of discipline in the school. The school has a very stable academic standard. Parents out there bring your children in Baptist High school.
                                                                               Kendra Phiona Kemigisha S.1 East


I thank god for having given me the wisdom to make the best selection. I really don't regret joining Baptist High school. To me it's a home away from home reason being that I have learnt a lot of things from this school which can help me in future like expressing my self before people, reading ahead of the teacher among others.

The day I went to Baptist High school, the school was as quite as a grave yard, clean and orderly which is not seen in most schools. The school is mind- blowing because every student is friendly regardless of who you are and where you come from. All teachers in Baptist High school are mind-full of every one who approaches them. Every student including parents has mono-mania for the school because the school also gives chances to students whose parents are not well off to pay in installments which helps students to achieve the best in life.

Special thanks to my mum and dad who brought me to this school because I have learnt to be punctual in every thing I do. Dear parents please bring your children to Baptist High school for a bright future and I promise you never to regret. Dad and Mum I promise not to disappoint you and for the school, I promise to keep your name sounding as it is!!!!!
                                                                                                            Nabasirye Faridah

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