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Youth Associates of the Missionaries of the poor (YAMP)

This club mainly improves on the morals of the students and also the elders in general.
Yamp Baptist.
  Baptist High School as a school started up the branch of Yamp in 2008.
Yamp Baptist is one of the most active branches at the monastery.
The monastery involves brothers and fathers who are religious people and increase morale in school.
Yamp Baptist enables the Yamp members to go out for prayers almost every Sunday because the monastery is not far from school.
The monastery is located in Wankulukuku off the main road.
The Yamp club Baptist has been in place for over 3 years since it was first began by Muwebwa mathias the first president of the Yamp club.
The activities of Yamp include.

  • Community service.
  • Visiting children homes.
  • Helping the needy. This may involve going to their dormitories and wash their clothing.
  • Helping the disabled and disadvantaged. These are the people who might have had a bright future if not for their natural problems with the brains and bones.

Yamp Baptist is invited to different occasions to participate in different church activities that we gladly oblige to do.
The most important aims of the club are;

  • To improve the students' morals 
  • To promote a good foundation of a student through teaching them how the world is outside.
  • To make students God fearing.
  • To Guide and council students in all aspects.
  • To give students a heart of helping through making them realise the good things of helping others.

Yamp generally involves God fearing and being kind hearted to help others.

Yamp Uganda involves adding up of all the schools with Yamp club as a club in them. When these schools meet at the monastery on Sunday, they interact and know each other well.
  As time passes, the brothers tell the Yamp members of Uganda to vote for the top Yamp members all over Uganda so we call them 'YAMP UGANDA'. These involve a chairperson and his/her cabinet.
Yamp Uganda members are the ones who monitor and supervise all activities of Yamp members all over Uganda and take the feed back to the father at the monastery plus a report on yamp activities.
I am glad to say that Baptist has Yamp Uganda Members of over four or five. This makes Yamp Baptist well known.
Yamp Uganda is the most wanted position of all Yamp members.
  Yamp membersof Baptist are over 29 members but most of them are not from the "O" Level. Most are "A" Levellers because Yamp needs alot of understanding and sacrifices.
More so, some Yamp members of the Baptist Branch include:


These are the few of those on the committee of Yamp Baptist.
Yamp club is not all about enjoying life but mostly helping the needy and poor so it needs lots of sacrifice and hence the Lord God rewards you back.

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